Mentorship for Gen-Z in technology. is a non-profit diversity initiative that aims to inspire the next generation of technologists. We attract a diverse pool of young talents and provide guidance for their career in technology through 1:1 mentorship and support.

We are focused around tech and innovation, and welcome diversity in gender, ethnicity, race and religion.

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What is

Diversity makes tech better. But numbers show there’s a lot of work to do. The need for technical roles continues to grow and is expected to reach 1.4 million in 2020, yet diversity of tech workers is lacking (1). As the industry of the future, the tech sector has a duty to ensure that equality and opportunity is available to everyone, regardless of background. It is our hope that this program will help more diverse talents enter and flourish in tech and support equal opportunities in the fastest growing sector of our economy.

We are currently mentoring 31 young adults from 15 countries.
40.3% of mentees are female. Talents come from countries like Cambodia, Iran, Serbia, and Zimbabwe.

Mentorship, Community and Resources

What we can offer you.


We offer 1:1 mentorship for diverse talents by guiding your technical and personal development, and career planning.


We offer a community of peers to share challenges, failures and success, to accelerate your progression.


We are currently building a pool of knowledge resources like application guides and an internal Wiki.

Financial support

(coming soon)

We are working to acquire sponsors to offer you free online courses, books, software, and cover your University application fees.

How will it work?

Experienced women and men in technical roles will serve as 1:1 mentors to a class of young adults who are the beginning of their careers.

The programm will incorporate 1:1 and group interactions, online over the course of a year. It is 100% free. is open to mentees all over the world, from those interested in technology during high-shool to those in undergraduate courses or beginning their careers as interns.

Who is eligible?

This program is open to pre- and early-career young adults from all over the world with interests in Engineering, Design, Product, Web Development, or Operations. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who are the mentors? is developed by women and men who are working or have worked at places like Google, Amazon, Rocket Internet, Expedia, Roland Berger, KPMG, Harvard, MIT and more.

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